Episode 12

Published on:

16th Feb 2022

How Getting Curious Will Change Your Life - Interview with Dr Fabienne Slama

Although we covered much in this interview with Dr. Fabienne Slama, one theme kept re-emerging. If you want to affect change in your life (and in the world around you) get curious. Get curious about your emotions, about what you feel in your body and where you feel it, and get curious about the stories you hear and tell yourself. Your curiosity will improve your life, and it could even save it. 

Highlight’s from this episode:

Waking up from the book of lies

Look at your feelings with curiosity and ask is this really the truth?

Change the body sensation, change the feeling, change the story

Tools you can use to tap into intuition 

Letting go of past life traumas

Youtube video referenced in the show:


About Our Guest Dr Fabienne Slama

Dr. Fabienne Slama (AKA Fab) is the founder and owner of FabYOUlicious.

Her totem animal is the giraffe: tall, gentle, curious, and totally fabulous. 

Fab awakens magical humans from the lie that they are too much or not enough. She plays with her clients on the subconscious level, helping them heal family traumas, past lives, and childhood memories. 

Self-proclaimed Renaissance woman, Fab started her professional life as a Biochemist. After moving to the US, she became a sculptor, creating sensuous, strong, and expressive women in clay and bronze. For the past 10 years, she has embraced the world of coaching, hypnosis, and healing. Because of her diverse background, her approach is at the crossing between science and spirituality. 

Her goal: help you remember the fabulous, limitless, confident sparkle of joy that you are, so you can manifest success at home and work

How to connect with Dr. Fabienne Slama

Website: https://www.fabyoulicious.com/  and https://medium.com/@fabyoulicious

Email: fab@fabyoulicious.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fabyoulicious/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fabyoulicious

Gift from Dr. Fabienne Slama: Stuck to Unstoppable Roadmap

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