Episode 29

Published on:

15th Jun 2022

Self-Doubt - The Good & the Bad

In today’s episode, we talk about self-doubt, how to dial it down and how it can also be an indication that you are on a great path. Experiencing self-doubt is not always a bad thing, so long as you don’t let it stick around for too long and prevent you from moving forward with your dreams and goals.

We also explore the multi-benefits of investing time in nature, which plays a big role in combatting the self-doubts that keep you stuck.

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I’m your host, Anita Adams, an award-winning leader and the founder of Joyful Inspired Living, an organization dedicated to teaching people how to access their highest most authentic selves so they can find clarity and create a life of purpose, passion, and joy. In addition to hosting the Joyful Journey Podcast, I offer retreats, both live and online, and private coaching programs to further guide my clients on their journey to their highest selves.

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Anita Adams:

Welcome to the joyful journey podcast. If you're looking for more clarity in your life, clarity of purpose or how to activate that purpose, and you are someone who wants to operate from your highest self to be a force for good, you know this world craves, then this is the show for you. I'm Anita Adams, your host and guide to finding clarity and creating a life you love. Let's tap into our inner wisdom, access our highest self and unleash joy. As we do this, we raise our vibration and heightened the collective consciousness. And that my friend, is the joyful journey. Let's dive in. Hey, joyful journey are Anita Adams here your host and today I want to talk about self doubt how to overcome it, and how it's not always a bad thing. First though, I'd like to read out a review from one of our listeners who goes by the name of money coach, this review seems well suited for this particular episode. Money coach says glad to discover a much needed topic how to live joyfully, this will no doubt become a treasured companion on my walks. And this green does not need much convincing of the deep value of spending time in nature. Thanks for the reminder, the world will be a better place if we all began to tune in to the fact that we are connected to everyone and all creation. Thank you for your kind words, and review money coach. I hope you enjoy this episode too. Based on this review, I suspect it will resonate with you. Alright, let's talk about self doubt. We all experience it from time to time. When you slip into these feelings though, how quickly are you able to bounce out? In the past, I could be gripped by self doubt for days, weeks or even months and those feelings would be crippling. I would eventually work myself out of my insecurities for a time take a step or two forward towards my goal, then be halted once again in my tracks as if stepping into quick drying cement. Moving forward like this is painfully slow and emotionally exhausting. The other day, self doubt visited me again. And then something quite interesting happened. It's another rainy day which may very well be contributing to my lower vibrational energy. And I'm heading out the door for my usual walk. It takes me a little while to get motivated to put on my hiking boots and rain jacket and have to put in that extra energy to coax myself out the door. I always feel better going for that walk. I understand what this time in nature does for me and yet, I still have to push myself sometimes. As I'm trudging up that first hill from our seaside cottage, My mind wanders to my purpose, or what I feel called to do in this current cycle of my life, which in part is to help people connect or reconnect with nature. That's when Little Miss self doubt shows up and says ha what a small insignificant purpose. That is. What speaks up another voice. Do you really not get how important that purpose is? Anita? Yeah, yeah, I do. And just like that, little miss self doubt is gone. What I find fascinating about this experience that lasted no more than a minute is the realization that my sole voice is now louder than Little Miss self doubt, who I also refer to as the inner critic or the nasty DJ who loves spinning the same old records about not being enough. Not only has my sole voice got louder, I'm excited about how quickly she's appearing on the scene when needed.


This is a huge victory. Just a few years ago, I

Anita Adams:

would have sat with self doubt for a long time before working my way out of her clutches. And I was reminded as I was trudging up that hill on my property, that it's because I learned to listen, really listen to my sole voice, that my life has turned out more beautifully than I could


have ever predicted. I wouldn't be here today

Anita Adams:

doing what I'm doing living in a And oceanfront home, creating a life I absolutely love. If I hadn't learned to dial down self doubt or that inner critic and tune into my soul voice that has guided me here. And it's not lost on me that I developed that skill of listening to my sole voice. By taking time every day to walk in nature. This realization does help get me out that door even on the wettest and luckiest of days, all I need to do is think about the old poor house and Anita and compare her to the person I am today. When you take time for yourself, to be with yourself, be it in nature, or sitting on your deck or walking through your neighborhood, it's an opportunity to get to know yourself. And when you get to know yourself, respect and love for self begins to grow. As I've shared before, self love is the gatekeeper to accessing inner wisdom. So if you want to tap into that wealth of information within you that intuition that higher power, you must know thyself, and deepen your love for yourself. That's been a massive personal benefit. Before I started my daily walks in nature, I really didn't know myself the way I do now, and I certainly didn't love myself as deeply. When I think about how impactful my time in nature has been for my life, how could I not encourage others to invest more time in nature. When you learn to love and respect yourself deeply, your heart opens up to receive more messages, you find peace and contentment in life, and you tap into an internal joy, that out shines any external happiness that comes from possessions or status or even relationships with others. And when self doubt shows up, she doesn't stick around for that long. All of this is huge. And it's not even the entirety of what time in nature will do for you. Some of the other benefits are more obvious. Like the improved sense of well being it creates reduced stress and anxiety, reduced blood pressure, reduce feelings of fear and anger, better sleep release of happy hormones, better overall health. These benefits are numerous, well documented and scientifically proven. And there's more. The other benefit that is often overlooked, is how time invested in nature can help us to understand and appreciate how this ecosystem is so tightly woven, and interconnected. And it demonstrates how we are to live and be in harmony in our environment, how every living creature plays an important role to creating that harmony. If we pay attention and become present to our natural environment, we begin to see this interconnectedness. And that awareness raises our unity consciousness. This is an unveiling of sorts when we begin to understand how every living organism is connected and contributes to the well being and success of our planet survival. Just like money coach said in her review, the world will be a better place if we all begin to tune in to the fact that we are connected to everyone and all creation. Would you not agree that our world needs more of this unity consciousness? Would you not agree that all our lives would be better if we tapped into this understanding of interconnectedness? Yeah, absolutely. I'm glad Little Miss

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