Episode 16

Published on:

16th Mar 2022

It’s Your Life, Isn’t It? - Interview with Author Beverly Kievman Copen

In today’s episode we meet Beverly Kievman Copen and talk about some of the themes in her new book, “It’s Your Life, Isn’t It” which reminds us that if you believe in yourself anything is possible. Beverly also reminds us that joy is not in reaching the destination, the joy is in the journey and how you choose to live that life.

Highlight’s from this episode:

Making a difference begins with “I have an idea.”

Ask for what you want no matter how outrageous

How goals can have a dramatic effect on your life

The importance of collaborating with key people in your life

Gaining “buy-in” 

Moving forward with your dreams has a lot to do with being able to listen - ask sincere questions and then listen.

About Our Guest: Beverly Kievman Copen

Beverly is an entrepreneur, author, photographer, and public speaker who has received widespread recognition for her work with businesswomen around the world. 

Beverly started her entrepreneurial journey at age 24 when she was asked if she’d like to take over a talent agency. At the time she was a new mother with a six-month-old and worked part-time for the agency simply checking messages. The owner got bored of the business and offered it to Beverley for $1. Beverley turned that talent agency into one of the largest agencies in the southern US which she then ran for 15 years. That’s just the beginning of Beverley’s remarkable journey. 

Beverly is from Atlanta, Georgia where she has spent most of her career and where she has received awards naming her as one of Atlanta’s Top Sales Women and Georgia’s Most Influential Women. 

How to connect with Beverly Kievman Copen

Website: https://beverlycopen.com/

You can find her book on Amazon

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